Florida Republicans Are Creating An Office Of Election Crimes As Trump's Fraud Claims Continue To Spread

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Florida legislators passed a caller bill Wednesday to found an Office of Election Crimes to analyse elector fraud claims arsenic Republicans proceed to amplify erstwhile president Donald Trump’s baseless allegations of wide predetermination misconduct.

The new, taxpayer-funded Office of Election Crimes and Security wrong the Department of State volition person a unit of civilian investigators tasked with looking into claims submitted to Florida’s elector fraud hotline. Additionally, the measure volition necessitate the politician to name astatine slightest 7 “special officers” — that is, members of instrumentality enforcement — to analyse allegations of predetermination fraud (the politician already has this power, but this measure would mandate it).

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, a imaginable 2024 statesmanlike candidate, pitched the thought for the bureau precocious past year and is expected to motion the bill, though it’s a slimmed-down mentation of his archetypal proposal.

It’s not wide wherefore immoderate of this is necessary. Voter fraud is highly uncommon and determination is nary grounds of wide issues successful the 2020 predetermination successful Florida, which Trump won. The state’s voter fraud hotline already exists and its Department of State is already empowered to analyse claims of elector fraud and notation cases for prosecution. Florida has already conducted authoritative audits of the 2020 election, which, successful DeSantis’ ain words, they “

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