Ford Sierra: The 1980s family favourite turns 40 and examples can be worth £100k

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If you're a kid of the 1980s there's a decent probability that you rode successful the backmost spot of a Sierra successful your youth. 

As for those who were adults during that era, a sizeable chunk volition person driven one.

Introduced successful 1982 arsenic the successor to Ford's much-revered Cortina, its arguable looks saw it initially spell down astir arsenic severely arsenic John Delorean's sports car concern and Ozzy Osbourne biting the caput disconnected a bat - some of which happened that year.

Despite polarising sentiment erstwhile it was unveiled, with a curvy signifier dubbed the 'jelly mould', the Sierra proved to beryllium a income occurrence for Ford. It remains the tenth astir fashionable car ever to person been sold successful Britain, with 1,299,993 registered implicit an 11-year accumulation cycle.

Four decades on, the 'Fast Ford' RS Sierra Cosworths are ultra-exclusive collector's items worthy implicit £100,000 - and adjacent humble versions are rising successful value.  If beingness genuinely does statesman astatine 40, the Sierra mightiness conscionable beryllium hitting its stride...

Salute to the Sierra: With the Ford household car turning 40 successful 2022, we person formed our minds backmost to erstwhile it archetypal deed the country and the melodramatic interaction it had connected the marketplace and customers

This is Money has teamed up with classical car experts Hagerty to look backmost astatine the 40-year communicative of the Sierra. 

With the 80s household favourite present officially qualifying for historical conveyance taxation - meaning it costs thing to taxation each twelvemonth - we formed our minds implicit the Ford's interaction connected Britain's car market. 

From its contentious accomplishment successful dealerships, to a decorated racing practice and today's staggering auction income that has seen special-edition hot-hatch examples alteration hands for six figures, this is our tribute to 1 of the nation's mo...

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