Former Army Commando felt suicidal after birth of first child in 2016

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An award-winning erstwhile Army Commando was near feeling suicidal pursuing the commencement of his archetypal kid successful 2016 aft helium developed post-natal depression, which astir led to the breakdown of his marriage.

Now reconnected with his woman and a dada for a 2nd time, Dan Stanley, 38, from Swansea, is warring to extremity the stigma astir intelligence unwellness successful men and runs a thriving enactment organisation, BetterMen.

Dan, who lives with his businesswoman woman Rachael Flanagan, 34, and their children, Sophia, five, and Spencer, three, said: 'I wasn't definite astatine archetypal if my feelings were down to the fatigue of having a newborn, but it escalated beyond the babe blues.

'The modular tiredness became thing overmuch much sinister.

Growing up without a begetter of his own, Dan Stalney, 38, from Swansea,  looked up to his gramps who focused connected practicality alternatively than emotion. Pictured with his 2nd child, Spencer

Dan Stanley was diagnosed with post-natal slump aft uncovering himself mentally drained pursuing the commencement of his daughter. Pictured portion successful the Army

Dan felt mislaid an alone, incapable to header with the pressures of being a caller begetter aft his girl was calved successful 2016. Spencer, Dan, Sophia and Rachael

'But, being a man, I'd been conditioned to judge these messages that men person to beryllium strong, silent, successful. It kept maine successful a spot wherever I couldn't adjacent construe however I felt fto unsocial stock that with my wife.

'It near maine with this self-induced shame I conscionable couldn't get retired of.'

Ill-equipped to header with the affectional accent of having a newborn, Dan believes his issues were created by a 'perfect storm' of societal anticipation and idiosyncratic experience.

He said: 'I didn't person a dada successful my beingness increasing up. My granddad was great, bu...

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