France holidays: The joys of grape picking and wine tasting on a river cruise on the Rhone

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Harvest clip successful Burgundy and the grape pickers are taking a greeting remainder from their toils with the assistance of baguettes and wine.

The prima is precocious and euphony blares from a vigor but not arsenic loudly arsenic the banter. Working successful pairs, 1 trims the vine leaves portion different fills a basket, harnessed to their back, earlier emptying bunches of chardonnay grapes into a tiny trailer.

Here successful Puligny Montrachet, successful eastbound France, it is precious cargo — lone vino from hand-picked grapes tin transportation the Grand Cru label. It’s a uncommon accidental to ticker the centuries-old harvest connected the 50-mile Route des Grands Crus, which runs on the ft of the Cote d’Or escarpment.

Lesley passes done Avignon connected the banks of the Rhone River, pictured, on Riviera Travel’s tour 

Lesley finds that the passengers connected Riviera Travel’s stream cruise vessel MS William Shakespeare, pictured, are each from the UK and afloat of joie de vivre

Passengers connected Riviera Travel’s stream cruise vessel MS William Shakespeare are each from the UK and afloat of joie de vivre, joining an array of regular tours (included successful the price). We halt for vino tasting successful Cellier De La Cabiote, successful the Burgundy vino superior of Beaune, trying young whites and fruity reds successful the 17th-century cellars earlier walking successful the marketplace to find stalls overflowing with colourful late-summer produce.

Chestnuts, almonds, plums and tomatoes are piled precocious but the longest queue is for the truffle stall with shoppers tripping implicit Rae, a truffle-sniffing borderline collie, lazing connected the pavement, portion his owner, Gerauld Theibaut, and lad Jordan bash swift concern selling seasonal nuggets of the achromatic gold.

Across the roadworthy from the marketplace is the Hotel-Dieu de Beaune, a erstwhile infirmary for the poor, and 1 of the ...

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