Gareth Southgate explains why England won’t boycott Qatar World Cup despite human rights issues

6 months ago 15

England manager Gareth Southgate has rejected calls to boycott the World Cup contempt the assorted quality rights issues successful Qatar, insisting helium is ‘not sure’ what the protestation would achieve.

Qatar basal accused of exploiting migrant workers since being awarded the World Cup by FIFA successful 2010, with probe showing that much than 6,500 person died portion gathering stadiums for the tournament.

There are besides concerns implicit favoritism against the LGBTQ+ assemblage and women arsenic the Gulf authorities has anti-LGBT laws, portion homosexuality is illegal.

Asked if his England squad would see boycotting the World Cup arsenic a signifier of protest, Southgate said: ‘I don’t truly cognize what that would achieve.

‘It would, of course, beryllium a large story, but this tourney would spell up and the information is, unfortunately, the biggest contented that is non-religious and non-cultural is what happened with the gathering of the stadiums. There is thing we tin bash astir that either, sadly.

‘As soon arsenic we person entered the tournament, that is the constituent we should determine what we person known for 4 years oregon 8 years and is the stance against Qatar arsenic a country.

‘Should we protestation against Qatar arsenic a state oregon a circumstantial issue? If it is Qatar arsenic a state we are intertwined arsenic we person seen with Russia.

‘We person each sorts of concern successful our countries. Are we each going to halt buying astatine Sainsbury’s? The Shard. All sorts of spot investment. We are successful specified a analyzable satellite of deals, arsenic we person seen with Saudi Arabia.

‘On 1 hand, radical are talking astir the concern successful Newcastle, and connected the different hand, we are going to them and asking them to trim the lipid p...

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