George Clooney offers to help Wayne Rooney and save Derby County

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Hollywood megastar George Clooney has expressed an involvement successful coming to the assistance of crisis-ridden Championship strugglers Derby County and their existent manager Wayne Rooney.

The eastbound Midlands nine person been successful medication for six months and person been warring relegation each play arsenic a effect of the 21-point deduction they received for humanities fiscal breaches.

Were it not for the severity of the punishment they received, the Rams would comfortably beryllium successful mid-table with Rooney having earned plaudits for the mode helium has managed the squad passim the crisis.

ER and Ocean’s 11 histrion Clooney started pursuing 1 of English football’s laminitis members aft helium was introduced to the nine by Derby-born histrion Jack O’Connell, whom helium worked with connected the movie Money Monster backmost successful 2016.

Clooney launched an unsuccessful bid to acquisition Spanish nine Malaga 2 years agone but present has his sights acceptable connected Derby, contempt their perilous plight.

Why George Clooney Supports Derby County

‘I person worked with rather a fewer British shot fans and their moods were often babelike connected however good their favourite shot squad had performed successful their latest game,’ Clooney told Derbyshire Life

‘I recovered it rather funny and wanted to cognize what made that happen. Nobody wants to spot their...

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