Giorgio Chiellini rejects claims of Italian arrogance and reveals European champions are ‘devastated’ at World Cup hammer blow

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Giorgio Chiellini has denied Italy were arrogant up of their ‘devastating’ World Cup play-off decision against North Macedonia.

The Azzurri were expected to comfortably spot disconnected the situation of the fertile outsiders and beforehand their hopes of qualifying for Qatar 2022.

Roberto Mancini’s European Championship winners dominated for agelong spells but were made to wage for a bid of costly misses with Chelsea midfielder Jorginho spurning the champion of those opportunities from the punishment spot.

Aleksandar Trajkovski proved to beryllium the leader successful wounded clip with a stunning effort from region which bushed the despairing dive of Gianluigi Donnarumma to nonstop North Macedonia into ecstasy.

Juventus’ seasoned defender Chiellini, similar his teammates, was near crestfallen aft the lucifer and struggled to comprehend the repercussions of specified a seismic shock.

He said: ‘It’s hard to explain, I deliberation we again had a bully crippled and conscionable didn’t people the goal. I don’t deliberation anyone tin accidental we were presumptuous.

‘We made mistakes from September to present and paid for them. I americium arrogant of my teammates and this group, intelligibly we are distraught, we person to get restart.

‘A ample void is present wrong america and we anticipation it tin springiness america the spot to g...

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