Google to Test Third-Party Billing in Its Android App Store - CNET

6 months ago 30

Google eases third-party app payments connected the Play Store.

Xiomara Blanco/CNET

Google said Wednesday it volition allow immoderate developers to connection third-party outgo options successful apps that tally connected its Android operating system, a determination the hunt elephantine has resisted for years. 

In a blog station to developers, Google said it had rolled retired a aviator programme successful South Korea that allows Android users to prime outgo systems different than Google's. Because of information concerns, Google said it's starting with Spotify and different trusted partners.

Spotify volition present the billing strategy utilized by Google Play, the Android app store, alongside its ain billing system. 

"This is simply a important milestone and the archetypal connected immoderate large app store -- whether connected mobile, desktop oregon crippled consoles," Sameer Samat, vice president of merchandise management, said successful the blog post. The enactment to usage third-party outgo volition beryllium rolled retired mo...

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