Gran Turismo 7 players awarded 1M free credits after backlash over downtime and grind

6 months ago 23

Polyphony Digital has responded to beardown disapproval from the Gran Turismo 7 assemblage since past week’s downtime and arguable update by awarding each players 1 cardinal escaped in-game credits.

In a post connected the PlayStation Blog, Polyphony president and crippled manager Kazunori Yamauchi besides laid retired plans for a robust bid of updates, starting astatine the opening of April, aimed astatine addressing issues with the game’s system that are astatine the bosom of subordinate complaints. Changes volition see doubling the payout for late-game races, adding caller high-reward events to the game, and making it imaginable for players to merchantability cars successful their collection.

Last week, Gran Turismo 7 servers remained offline for much than a time aft the deployment of spot 1.07 broke, and necessitated an all-new patch, numbered 1.08, to hole it. GT7 has an always-online request that near astir of the crippled unplayable during this time.

Yamauchi said the acquisition of credits to each players was a “goodwill gesture” to apologize not conscionable for the downtime, but for players’ choler astatine the contented of the patch, which nerfed recognition rewards for definite races that players had been utilizing to grind retired currency successful the game.

“I would similar to apologize for the vexation and disorder caused past week with our spot updates which resulted in, not lone a server outage but besides adjustments to the in-game system which were made without a wide mentation to our community,” Yamauchi said. “We cognize that this is not the Gran Turismo acquisition you expect.” In bid to person ...

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