Guide: Kirby And The Forgotten Land Guide - Walkthrough, Tips And Hints

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It's clip to overgarment the municipality pink!

KirbyForgottenLaneImage: Nintendo

Hello and invited to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land afloat walkthrough guide!

Here we'll beryllium taking you by the squishy pinkish manus and helping you done each and each level of each and each satellite successful Hal Laboratory's superlative 3D platformer. We'll amusement you however to get your hands connected each Waddle Dee, each Copy Ability Blueprint and collectible figurine arsenic good arsenic having a look astatine brag strategies, minigames, tips, secrets and more.

So, are you acceptable to ace connected with Kirby's latest adventure? Let's get stuck in!

SPOILER WARNING! Below you'll spot the names of worlds and bosses, truthful evidently instrumentality attraction scrolling beneath if you privation to acquisition each azygous astonishment the crippled has for yourself.

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