Half a Million Chickens to Be Destroyed in Bird Flu Outbreak

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March 23, 2022

A commercialized chickenhearted workplace successful Nebraska volition destruct 570,000 broilers due to the fact that a lawsuit of highly pathogenic avian influenza – amended known arsenic vertebrate flu – was discovered successful the flock, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture reported.

Earlier this month, vertebrate flu was discovered successful a backyard flock successful Merrick County and successful chaotic geese successful Lincoln and Cedar and Douglas counties, the section said successful a quality release. The Lincoln chaotic goose lawsuit was the archetypal lawsuit of vertebrate flu successful the authorities since 2015.

“Having a 2nd workplace successful Nebraska confirmed to person HPAI is unfortunate, but not wholly unexpected,” NDA Director Steve Wellman said successful the release. “NDA volition usage each the resources astatine our disposal, successful coordination with our national partners to negociate a speedy response.”

The Department of Agriculture enactment the commercialized workplace successful Butler County nether quarantine aft noting a larger than mean fig of deaths. The section established a 6.2-mile power portion astir the farm, meaning poultry wrong the portion cannot beryllium moved without authorities permission. 

The birds “will beryllium humanely depopulated and disposed of successful an approved manner,” the section said.

“Symptoms of HPAI successful poultry include: a alteration successful h2o consumption; deficiency of vigor and appetite; decreased ovum accumulation oregon soft-shelled, misshapen eggs; nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing; incoordination; and diarrhea. HPAI tin besides origin abrupt decease successful birds adjacent if they aren’t showing immoderate different symptoms. HPAI tin past for weeks successful contaminated environments,” the Department of Agriculture said. 

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