Harry Styles' mother Anne hits out at Don't Worry Darling critics and their 'vitriolic' remarks

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Harry Styles' parent deed retired astatine the 'vitriolic comments' surrounding Don't Worry Darling arsenic she praised her lad and his woman Olivia Wilde. 

Anne Twist posted a glowing reappraisal of the intelligence thriller, successful which Harry stars alongside Florence Pugh, contempt the information it has truthful acold lone garnered a 36 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. 

Taking to Instagram connected Thursday, Anne shared a bid of snaps astatine the theatre arsenic she penned: 'First clip successful the French cinema .. archetypal time showing .. Don't Worry Darling' you were excellent!

'Really enjoyed from commencement to finish. Well done @oliviawilde and squad for drafting america in, good done babe @harrystyles for being a fabulous Jack. Very arrogant arsenic usual.'

One to watch: Harry Styles' parent hits retired astatine 'vitriolic' Don't Worry Darling critics arsenic she praised the movie but failed to notation Florence Pugh amid the ongoing scandals (Harry and Florence pictured successful the film) 

She did not notation starring woman Florence successful the station - who has been embroiled successful a nationalist feud with the manager and Harry's girlfriend, Olivia. 

Anne did, however, instrumentality to her Stories to stock however 'saddened' she is to spot truthful overmuch negativity hurled towards the movie and its cast, which besides includes Gemma Chan and Chris Pine.

She wrote: 'If you can't accidental thing nice, don't accidental thing astatine all.

'I'm astounded and saddened by the vitriolic comments connected present to beryllium honest. I enjoyed a film. If it's not your cupful of beverage don't go…'

She concluded: 'If you don't similar maine .. delight don't travel me. Simple.'

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