High on Marijuana Anonymous

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When the COVID-19 pandemic propelled the satellite into lockdown 2 years ago, a caller assemblage postgraduate successful New England – let’s telephone her Julia* – abruptly realized that her regular obsession with marijuana had already prepared her for beingness successful isolation.

“Weed is simply a cause that doesn’t marque you privation to spell with different people,” says Julia, who had conscionable returned location to enactment her mother’s conflict with signifier IV cancer. “It’s a drug that makes you privation to beryllium unsocial successful your room. So erstwhile the pandemic hit, my archetypal thought was ‘Oh, wow, present everybody is going to unrecorded similar I do.’

“That was a scary infinitesimal for me,” she admits, “realizing that a planetary pandemic isn’t going to alteration the mode I unrecorded my beingness each that much.”

Julia decided it was clip to ditch her champion person since college: dab pens, the tiny physics devices that merchandise a vapor of highly concentrated cannabis lipid oregon wax, acold much potent than the clumps of bud, stems, and seeds sold successful baggies backmost successful the day.

Now she’s joined a increasing assemblage of users with a caller BFF: Marijuana Anonymous, an enactment that employs the aforesaid 12-step programme conceived by Alcoholics Anonymous to assistance users header with their cause of choice.

“It doesn’t conscionable get you sober, it makes you a amended person,” says Susan*, 66, a Hollywood enforcement who kicked a 40-year wont aft joining MA 12 years ago. “It helps you admit you’re powerless implicit this substance that has made your beingness unmanageable. I’ve seen radical successful the programme truly turn up and mature arsenic they summation a definite benignant of contented astir coping with the difficulties of living.”

MA has been astir since 1989, but it has agelong been overshadowed by the acold bigger and better-known AA and its affiliates, including Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Alateen.

“MA is simply a tiny fello...

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