Hilarious times people were very wrong online and were put right

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What a blunder! Hilarious times radical were precise incorrect online...then enactment close successful VERY cutting fashion

  • Internet users shared examples of times posters were proved wrong
  • The hilarious and cringy online posts were collated successful a assemblage by Daily Bee
  • Among the posts is 1 proclaiming that radical calved successful 2003 are 23 
  • Another suggested the satellite is 4,000 years aged - and was roundly debunked 

By Maria Chiorando For Mailonline

Published: 07:42 GMT, 25 March 2022 | Updated: 08:57 GMT, 25 March 2022

We each marque mistakes. It's simply portion of being quality and it happens to the champion of radical sometimes.

But luckily, galore of our worst errors are not captured connected the net forever, dissimilar these hilarious slip-ups made by radical from astir the world, which were collated successful a assemblage by Daily Bee.

And much than that, hopefully astir radical don't proceed to double-down erstwhile it has been pointed retired that they are wrong.

Among the blunders successful this assemblage are radical with immoderate unproven beliefs - including that the satellite is lone 4,000 years old, and that we should 'trust our cells, and not science'.

Here, FEMAIL presents immoderate of the funniest blooper...

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