“How Do You Get Your Ideas?” Authors’ Answers To Their Most Common Question

6 months ago 12

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If determination is 1 question authors look clip and clip again, much than astir apt immoderate different question, it is surely “How bash you get your ideas?”

Harlan Ellison famously answered a likewise phrased question, “Where bash you get your ideas?” with the breathtakingly elemental “Schenectady.” 

Of course, we don’t each bum astir upstate New York looking for penning ideas, truthful — not wanting to adhd my dependable to the galore already asking — I scoured blogs, FAQs, interviews, and everyplace other I could deliberation of to spot what answers authors person already fixed to the eternal question, “How bash you get your ideas?”

Neil Gaiman, writer of Neverwhere and Coraline, is asked truthful often that helium wrote a whole essay connected the question. In it, helium says:


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