How much tuna can you consume each week without worrying about toxic mercury intake?

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How overmuch tuna tin you devour each week without worrying astir toxic mercury intake?

  • Tuna contains Omega-3, iodine and nutrients but however overmuch should you eat?
  • The food nevertheless contains mercury which tin beryllium toxic if it is eaten excessively often
  • ABC programme Catalyst, revealed that 25 to 35 tiny tins tin beryllium eaten each week
  • A doc has besides shared a delicious look for an casual tinned tuna pasta bake  

Published: 04:26 GMT, 25 March 2022 | Updated: 07:54 GMT, 25 March 2022

By Amelia Roach For Daily Mail Australia

Tuna is 1 of the astir versatile proteins connected the marketplace that costs arsenic small arsenic $1 a tin - but if you're eating much than 25 to 35 tins a week you could beryllium successful information of mercury poisoning. 

The food contains high sources of Omega-3, iodine, comes packed afloat of nutrients, though is precocious successful mercury erstwhile eaten successful ample amounts.

Mercury builds up wrong a food overtime, and immoderate taxon specified arsenic tuna, person higher levels of it.

Tuna is 1 of the astir versatile proteins connected the marketplace and contains precocious sources of Omega-3, iodine and comes packed afloat of nutrients

Too overmuch depletion of the natural constituent tin effect successful diseases, commencement defects and adjacent organ damage.    

Depending connected your assemblage value and the tuna brand, 25 to 35 tiny 95 gram tins tin beryllium eaten each week earlier hitting maximum mercury limits.

This extended magnitude that adjacent the astir fond tuna fans would conflict to devour comes according to 

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