How The Ottawa Anti-Vaccine Mandate Trucker Occupation Collapsed

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Ottawa constabulary are vowing to clasp protesters accountable aft the downtown halfway was occupied for 3 weeks.

Posted connected February 19, 2022, 11:49 pm

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Police successful the Ottawa metropolis halfway arsenic they wide a protestation Feb. 19

OTTAWA — Police succeeded Saturday successful taking backmost power of downtown Ottawa from the "Freedom Convoy" truckers, methodically forcing retired the anti-mandate protesters who occupied the metropolis for 3 weeks.

Police formed lines and pushed guardant a fewer feet astatine a clip starting successful the morning, shoving backmost protesters and past towing the cars and trucks that clogged metropolis streets. No 1 was killed oregon earnestly injured, constabulary said. Protesters tried desperately to “hold the line” and propulsion constabulary back, but sapped by defections and freezing acold temperatures, they were overwhelmed. Several protesters were pepper-sprayed and 170 were arrested arsenic of Saturday afternoon.

By midday Saturday, protestation leaders had thrown up the achromatic emblem figuratively and virtually — organizer Pat King told his followers, rather wrongly, that waving a achromatic emblem meant they could not beryllium arrested nether planetary law. Another organizer, Tom Marazzo, held a property league wherever helium accused the constabulary of brutality and excessive force, but besides said truckers were willingly leaving the city.

“The immense bulk of the truckers bash privation to withdraw, but it is an idiosyncratic prime for immoderate trucker,” said Marazzo.

It’s a shockingly accelerated illness for the one-of-a-kind prote...

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