How to Keep Your Herbs Fresh in the Fridge—A Nutritionist Spills Her Secrets

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Whether you grew them successful your garden oregon bought them astatine the store, caller herbs are the acquisition that keeps connected giving. With small effort, they adhd spirit to thing you’re cooking—from grain bowls and pastas to dressings and dips. They’re peculiarly forgiving and arsenic versatile. Here astatine CS, a bouquet of caller herbs is practically our emotion language. But herbs, peculiarly the tender greenish ones, are rather fragile. Due to retention (or forgetfulness), we’ve each coiled up with slimy cilantro. This is unappetizing, a discarded of money, and foregone produce! The bully news? There are a assortment of ways to store caller herbs truthful they past longer. Even amended news—they clasp up precise good successful the freezer. That way, you tin ever person your go-to herb connected hand. Get the astir retired of these flavor-packed, nutritious beauts by learning however to support your herbs caller successful the fridge.

Feature representation by Michelle Nash.

Before you store your herbs, cognize what you’re moving with. To begin, simply look astatine your herbs. If the stems are tender and green, they’re going to autumn into the “tender herbs” category. Some communal varieties see basil, parsley, dill, tarragon, and cilantro. These are conside...

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