How ‘washed up…old man’ Warren Buffett is getting the last laugh

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Poor aged Warren Buffett.

Poor, old, “washed up” Warren Buffett!

It’s astir 2 years since the Berkshire Hathaway chairman, past 89, was publically mocked by 40-something self-proclaimed stock marketplace “captain” and “winner,” Barstool Sports laminitis David Portnoy. 

“He’s old, he’s washed up,” Portnoy said astir Buffett. “He’s an aged man, his clip passed him by.”

“I’m amended that helium is. It’s nary debate. I killed him. He’s dead. He’s dead,” Portnoy said.

“I’m conscionable printing money,” Portnoy said. “Why instrumentality profits erstwhile each hose goes up 20% everyday. Losers instrumentality profits. Winners propulsion the chips to the middle. I should beryllium up a cardinal dollars.”

He added: “There’s cipher who tin reason that Warren Buffett is amended astatine the banal marketplace than I americium close now. I’m amended than helium is. That’s a fact.”


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