‘I am the king of Britain!’ – Dan Azeez challenges light-heavyweight rivals to step up to domestic showdowns as he builds throwback legacy

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15 fights into nonrecreational career, Dan Azeez has stood up and demanded to beryllium counted among the different stars of boxing’s light-heavyweight division.

Having travel up the hard way, the Lewisham combatant has forced himself into that speech aft capturing the Southern Area and English titles. Last November, helium announced himself arsenic a existent unit with a seventh-round knockout of Hosea Burton to go British champion, his proudest accomplishment to date.

‘I judge I americium the king of Britain, you can’t not notation maine erstwhile we are talking astir the champion light-heavyweights successful the country,’ Azeez told Metro.co.uk. ‘That was my moment.’

Azeez, 32, is present carving retired his ain relation alongside chap Londoners Anthony Yarde, Joshua Buatsi and Craig Richards, with Callum Smith and Callum Johnson besides successful that thrilling picture.

The sheer fig of elite home dust-ups that could beryllium made means the light-heavyweight part is 1 of the astir compelling astir from a British perspective.

This week, it was announced that Buatsi and Richards volition look disconnected successful May successful a mouth-watering southeast London derby. Azeez is hopeless to guarantee that isn’t the lone scrap made from that peculiar radical of fighters and warns anyone daring to look down astatine him volition beryllium doing truthful astatine their peril.

‘I cognize Joshua and Craig precise well. It is simply a bully communicative and I deliberation it volition beryllium an fantabulous fight,’ Azeez said. ‘I deliberation much of america should support banging that drum for these home fights. Some of the boys successful the division, they deliberation they are passed that level. They person the mindset: ‘You request to enactment your mode up to combat me.’

‘If that’s their opinion, just enough, but truly and truly, we’ve each won British titles. We person each completed that signifier truthful I don’t spot w...

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