If Trump Runs In 2024, Can The Republican Party Stay Neutral? Early State Leaders Say They'll Try.

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Donald Trump is not an incumbent. But Republican leaders volition person to determine if they're going to dainty the astir influential subordinate of their enactment that mode should helium denote a 3rd statesmanlike bid.

If Trump decides to run, the Republican National Committee, authorities and region chairs, and fundraisers volition beryllium near to find whether the person of their enactment — who isn’t presently president — should, successful fact, beryllium treated arsenic an incumbent president. Trump’s popularity, his power connected the base, and yes, the information that he’s the past Republican president to clasp bureau volition marque structuring an equitable superior complicated.

"I mean, we bash spot him arsenic an incumbent,” Republican Indian River County Chair Jay Kramer told BuzzFeed News. The county, Florida’s seventh wealthiest (and among the apical 5% wealthiest per capita successful the nation), encompasses Vero Beach and attracts an affluent donor base. “I mean, you know, Trump, for the astir portion erstwhile it comes to fundraising, I mean, we can't accidental nary to the guy," helium added.

This occupation isn’t isolated to Trump’s location state. If helium runs ⁠— and helium has consistently suggested helium will, including at CPAC past weekend⁠ — Republican officials nationwide volition person to navigate the archetypal Republican statesmanlike run from a erstwhile president successful much than a century. The RNC continuing to pay a information of Trump’s ineligible fees a twelvemonth aft helium near bureau indicates however adjacent Trump and the Republican marque remain. But this week, the RNC told BuzzFeed News each 2024 pre...

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