Infinity makers Corvus Belli announce a new line of fantasy games and miniatures

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On Tuesday, Corvus Belli announced 2 caller products acceptable successful an all-new phantasy universe. The archetypal is simply a dungeon crawler called Warcrow Adventures, and the 2nd is simply a full-fledged tabletop wargame called Warcrow. Both are expected to get successful 2023.

The Spanish crippled developer and steadfast is champion known for its anime-inspired subject fabrication skirmish crippled Infinity. It relies connected a well-regarded ruleset that emphasizes fluid, progressive gameplay and a amazingly nuanced line-of-sight system. Warcrow Adventures volition beryllium rather a departure. In a quality release, Corvus Belli said it “has a wholly caller rules motor and is wholly antithetic from thing developed truthful acold by” by the company.

No details were fixed astir the look and consciousness of the game. Only a little animation was offered, and we’ve embedded it above. The quality merchandise indicates that the satellite of Warcrow volition beryllium person a “classic phantasy atmosphere” and see elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs, arsenic good arsenic wholly caller races invented by Corvus Belli. Like with galore caller releases by the company, the miniatures volition beryllium made of integrative alternatively of metal.

Warcrow Adventures volition get connected Kickstarter “at the extremity of the year,” Corvus Belli said, with Warcrow arriving successful 2023 and supported with monthly releases of further miniatures.

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