Influencer, 25, sparks furious debate after revealing she has NEVER been drunk

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A 25-year-old influencer inadvertently sparked a furious online statement aft revealing to her followers that she has ne'er been drunk due to the fact that she thinks it sounds 'really stressful' and 'not fun'. 

Aspyn Ovard, a YouTube prima and mother-of-two from Utah, opened up astir her thoughts connected alcohol and drinking successful a caller TikTok video, having been asked by a follower whether she had ever been drunk, adding that they thought the online prima would beryllium 'hilarious' portion drinking alcohol. 

'The reply is no, I person not,' the mom-of-two replied. 'I don't deliberation I would similar it due to the fact that I would conscionable beryllium disquieted astir the adjacent day.'

Aspyn went connected to explicate that she doesn't privation to hazard waking up with nary representation of the erstwhile night, saying: 'I'd person nary thought what I did oregon what I said. It's truly stressful. 

'And I would astir apt consciousness crappy after, I conscionable don't deliberation it sounds precise amusive to me.'

Utah-based influencer Aspyn Ovard, 25, sparked a furious statement connected TikTok aft revealing to her followers that she has 'never' been drunk 

The YouTube prima and mother-of-two claimed that drinking doesn't 'sound precise amusive to me', adding that she doesn't similar the thought of blacking retired oregon forgetting what she did oregon said

Her comments sparked thing of a firestorm successful the comments section, wherever viewers rapidly began expressing upset implicit her proposition that drinking ever leads to blacking retired and forgetting your night. 

'OK Aspyn, you tin conscionable beryllium tipsy though and person fun!' 1 idiosyncratic wrote...

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