Inside the world's only hotel with a dedicated curling rink as team GB wins gold at the Olympics

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Curl up with curling! As squad GB wins gold, we cheque successful to the world’s lone edifice with a dedicated rink to spot if an Englishman tin maestro this 500-year-old Scottish activity

  • Simon Heptinstall stays astatine the North West Castle Hotel successful Stranraer, Scotland 
  • The edifice is equipped with 4 crystal curling aisles and a squad of adept instructors 
  • Guests tin person sessions with them arsenic portion of a £125 stay-and-play deal 
  • Simon says that connected the crystal helium 'looked similar a drunk receiving an electrical shock' 

By Simon Heptinstall For The Daily Mail

Published: 09:16 GMT, 23 February 2022 | Updated: 12:19 GMT, 23 February 2022

We mightiness not person known each the rules but galore of america stayed up until the aboriginal hours of Sunday to ticker Eve Muirhead and her curling squad triumph Team GB’s lone golden medal astatine the Winter Olympics.

It’s excessively aboriginal to accidental if determination volition beryllium a semipermanent involvement successful this funny athletics — but determination is 1 spot successful the UK wherever you tin harvester a comfy enactment with a spot of curling: the little-known North West Castle Hotel successful Stranraer.

The edifice was established by Hammy McMillan, erstwhile skipper of the British Olympic curling team, and on with 72 rooms there’s a due curling rink.

Win win: There’s a due curling r...

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