It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Easter Brunch—These 25 Recipes Have You Covered

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There are fewer things we emotion much than a long, lazy Sunday brunch. This year, we’re looking guardant to dressing up successful agleam sundresses, gifting beauteous indoor plants, and enjoying immoderate earnestly delicious food with loved ones—courtesy of these delightful Easter recipes. While we’ll ne'er tyre of our beloved avocado toast and yogurt bowls, the ultimate Easter brunch calls for thing a small much elevated and that’s keeping with tradition.

Whether you’re gathering with household astatine location oregon readying to walk each time extracurricular enjoying the springtime vibes, I’d promote you to follow my Easter motto: you’re ne'er excessively aged for an egg hunt! If determination was a clip to observe the small things, it’s present (and always). Spice up your mundane brunch with 1 of these special, yet simple, Easter recipes.

Raspberry and Ricotta Crepes With Fresh Berries

Why We Love It: Don’t beryllium intimidated by the thought of making crepe batter. It whitethorn dependable complicated, but it’s truly rather simple. Topped with beauteous berries, immoderate ricotta ...

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