Jan. 6 Defendants Keep Losing Challenges To A Felony Charged In Hundreds Of Cases

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WASHINGTON — As the Jan. 6 insurrection unfolded, prosecutors accidental Sean McHugh of California engaged successful a bid of escalating confrontations with constabulary connected the grounds outside. They highlighted videos that allegedly recorded McHugh yelling astatine officers, holding a ample metal-framed “Trump” motion to propulsion against a antiaircraft line, utilizing a megaphone to impulse connected different rioters toward the building, and deploying a yellowish watercourse aboriginal identified arsenic carnivore spray.

Late past year, McHugh made a propulsion to get respective charges tossed retired from his 10-count indictment, starting with a felony that accused him of obstructing an authoritative proceeding — Congress’ certification of the Electoral College results. It’s 1 of the astir superior charges brought successful the Jan. 6 prosecutions erstwhile it comes to imaginable penalties, carrying up to 20 years successful prison.

This week, McHugh lost. He's not alone: A chorus of judges successful caller weeks person rejected ineligible challenges to the obstruction charge, including successful high-profile conspiracy cases against radical associated with the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys extremist groups. It’s a important drawstring of wins for the authorities arsenic the sprawling probe churns into its 2nd year. Prosecutors person utilized the obstruction complaint to separate cases they contend impact much superior offenders, compared to the hundreds of radical they charged solely with misdemeanor crimes for illegally being successful the Capitol.

Indictments involving conspiracy and assaults connected constabulary during the Capitol onslaught person tended to seizure nationalist attention, but the stakes are precocious for the govern...

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