Kate Middleton forces Prince William off the road while he tests his skills on a simulator

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Kate Middleton threw a spanner successful the works for her hubby Prince William arsenic the brace tried retired a driving stimulator during the 2nd time of their authoritative sojourn to Jamaica.

As the Duke of Cambridge, 39, took the simulator for a rotation during an assignment astatine the Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute adjacent Montego Bay, the duchess, 40, manipulated the upwind and roadworthy conditions, creating potholes, and lightening.

A video of Prince William shows him saying his woman 'made [him] skid', arsenic helium battled tricky conditions portion driving the truck, which is utilized to bid young men.

Meanwhile, Kate was seen successful fits of laughter, arsenic she created adverse conditions for her husband, and saw him conflict to power the vehicle.

The Duke of Cambridge, pictured taking the instrumentality of a simulator astatine the Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute, accused his woman of 'making him skid' by creating tricky driving conditions similar potholes and utmost weather

The duchess reportedly enjoyed the task:  a pupil who watched her utilizing the simulator to make hard conditions for her hubby said Kate described it arsenic 'really good'

According to automative pupil Oneil Haughton, who joined the duchess who sats a machine she utilized a machine to make hazards for the duke to navigate, she look 'excited' by the task.

He added: 'She was changing his experiences of the weather, changing the clip of time – she was enjoying it. 

'She could marque it slippery, she could bash thing and she loved it, she said it was truly good.' 

Staff Sergeant Dave Morgan, who observed William's attempts, added: '...

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