Kim Kardashian showcases her cleavage and svelte abs as she models a plunging SKIMS bra

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Kim Kardashian uploaded a caller clip onto her SKIMS Instagram leafage to tease the upcoming motorboat of a caller bra collection. 

The world star, 41, gave an wrong look astatine a fewer of the products that volition beryllium added to her cardinal dollar company. 

The bra collection, which volition go disposable connected September 27, has galore options to take from and varies successful worldly to connection plentifulness of choices for consumers. 

Upcoming launch: Kim Kardashian, 41, modeled a fewer bras from her upcoming postulation for her SKIMS brand 

At the commencement of the video, the parent of 4 was seen donning a achromatic plunge bra from the caller Naked Collection. 

'I emotion this bra,' she instantly gushed. 'This 1 is going to beryllium my each day. There's thing much comfy than this.' 

Kim past started to crook and exemplary the portion arsenic she continued to explicate that, 'Usually, I had a batch of limb pit fat, and backmost fat, and that ever bothered me.' 

'And you conscionable don't person it with this bra. That is truthful crazy. It conscionable fits truthful bully and molds to your body,' the TV property further explained to the camera.  

Favorite: During the clip, the TV property explained that the plunge bra from the Naked Collection is her favorite 

Various choices: The motorboat volition incorporate a fig of collections, including the Naked Collection, No Show Collection, and the Weightless Collection 

Also from the Naked Collection, Kim showcased a scoop tank, besides successful black, and explained that though she was wearing a 'sports bra,' the worldly was 'thin.' 

In a 2nd portion of the clip, the prima jumped into the Weightless Collection, and modeled the scoop cervix bra successful black. 

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