Leaked ransomware documents show Conti helping Putin from the shadows

6 months ago 29

For years, Russia’s cybercrime groups person acted with comparative impunity. The Kremlin and section instrumentality enforcement person largely turned a unsighted eye to disruptive ransomware attacks arsenic agelong arsenic they didn’t people Russian companies. Despite nonstop unit connected Vladimir Putin to tackle ransomware groups, they’re inactive intimately tied to Russia’s interests. A caller leak from 1 of the astir notorious specified groups provides a glimpse into the quality of those ties—and conscionable however tenuous they whitethorn be.

A cache of 60,000 leaked chat messages and files from the notorious Conti ransomware radical provides glimpses of however the transgression pack is good connected wrong Russia. The documents, reviewed by WIRED and archetypal published online astatine the extremity of February by an anonymous Ukrainian cybersecurity researcher who infiltrated the group, amusement however Conti operates connected a regular ground and its crypto ambitions. They apt further uncover however Conti members person connections to the Federal Security Service (FSB) and an acute consciousness of the operations of Russia's government-backed subject hackers.

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