LEGO Bricktales Invites You To Unlock Your Creativity This Year

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Switch merchandise unconfirmed, but likely

As portion of the Future Games Show, LEGO and Thunderful person announced LEGO Bricktales, a caller puzzle crippled that tasks you with completing a bid of objectives crossed 5 LEGO-themed diorama biomes - these see a heavy jungle, a sun-drenched desert, a bustling metropolis corner, a medieval castle, and tropical Caribbean islands.

In bid to lick puzzles and assistance the LEGO minifigures, you'll beryllium gathering imaginable solutions brick-by-brick to travel up with the astir businesslike entity imaginable - arsenic demonstrated successful the trailer above, this mightiness not ever enactment out!

Each puzzle volition travel with its ain acceptable of bricks to utilise, helping alleviate the trouble for newcomers, but you'll beryllium gathering everything from purely aesthetic creations to physics-based models similar cranes and gyrocopters.

Dieter Schoeller, Vice-President of Publishing astatine Thunderful, had this to accidental astir the announcement:

“After much than 2 years, it feels unthinkable to yet denote what we person been moving connected down closed doors. We’re honored to person this accidental to collaborate with the largest artifact marque worldwide. With LEGO Bricktales, we’ve made it our ngo to pat into what it is that makes LEGO play truthful special. Our intuitive brick-by-brick gathering mechanic allows players to prosecute with LEGO bricks successful a video crippled the aforesaid mode the toys person been inspiring people’s imaginativeness and creativity for decades.”

At the clip of writing, circumstantial platforms person not yet been announced for LEGO Bricktales, but we're beauteous assured that we'll spot it come...

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