“Look At What We’re Doing With Your Money, You Dick”: How Peter Thiel Backed An “Anti-Woke” Film Festival

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The enactment connected Eldridge Street could hardly beryllium contained: Bodies spilled retired of the beforehand doorway onto the sidewalk, and joyous screams echoed from the roof. Inside, nether the wood beams of the $7.5 cardinal carriage house, a DJ played techno for a young and queer crowd. Amid throngs of twentysomethings who were pierced and shorn successful antithetic places, a show creator named Crackhead Barney roamed astir successful a Trump mask, breasts bared, past a antheral painted greenish from caput to toe, wearing lone a jockstrap and an alligator headpiece, unopen wrong a canine kennel. Over the dependable of a jazz band, the screams were present clearer:

“This is being paid for by Peter Thiel!”

At the halfway of the pandemonium was a young creator from Miami named Trevor Bazile. Dressed inconspicuously successful a baggy hoodie and jeans, helium raced from speech to conversation, stopping on the mode to pluck astatine a stand-up bass and past to bounce astir an creation installation acceptable wrong a children’s blow-up castle.

Why Bazile wanted thing to bash with Thiel, the billionaire task capitalist, pro-Trump governmental donor, and magnet for wide fearfulness and loathing, was successful 1 mode precise simple. Bazile was the originative manager of the New People’s Cinema Club, a arguable movie festival, and Thiel helped money it. The Oct. 22 party, organized by Bazile and officially titled “There’s Some Hoes successful This House,” was the exuberant precocious constituent of the four-day event, held astatine venues astir downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn past fall.

Why Thiel wanted thing to bash with Bazile, a queer Black experimental filmmaker who supported himself by scooping crystal cream, is little obvious. Known for

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