Man pulls gun on Mike Tyson in terrifying moment at Hollywood comedy club

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There were chaotic scenes astatine a Hollywood barroom arsenic a antheral challenged Mike Tyson to a combat earlier pulling a weapon connected him, but the erstwhile heavyweight champion’s feathers were hardly ruffled and helium ended up hugging the aggressor.

The incidental occurred connected Tuesday, with the unidentified antheral interrupting a drama gig astatine the barroom to situation Iron Mike to a fight, who was sat successful the beforehand row.

He was unopen down, with the MC trying to region the antheral and it seemed to beryllium de-escalating, arsenic helium said: ‘I don’t springiness a f***! I’m joking.’

The video of the incident, obtained by TMZ, past shows the melodramatic infinitesimal helium steps backmost and pulls a weapon from his waistband and cocks it.

There are gasps from the crowd, but the antheral rapidly seems to alteration his caput and returns the limb to his waistband, earlier saying to Tyson: ‘Hey I emotion you fam, salute to each of your accomplishments, for real, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t person nary inspiration, I emotion you OG, for real. From the heart, for real. Respect.’

Tyson has hardly moved a musculus by this point, sitting calmly successful his chair, but helium past called the antheral implicit and hugged it retired with him.

The antheral shouts, ‘New York! Brownsville!’ and shakes Tyson’s manus earlier having different spat with the MC and yet leaving, overmuch to the remainder of the attendees’ relief.

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