Massive 'iconic' crocodile shot DEAD after it chased children up a tree in a remote township

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'Iconic' 3.5-metre crocodile changeable DEAD aft it chased children up a histrion successful a distant township divides sentiment - but Bob Katter praises the enactment arsenic a triumph against 'city imbeciles'

  • Rangers have killed a 'good sized' saltwater crocodile successful acold northbound Queensland 
  • Feared saltwater predator antecedently chased children up a histrion astatine Kowanyama
  • Crocodiles which measurement much than 4 metres agelong are considered 'iconic' 
  • Kowanyama's Mayor says the animal's removal is simply a 'relief for the community'
  • Australian person Bob Katter said removal of croc was triumph for commonsense 

By Andrew Prentice For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 05:29 GMT, 26 March 2022 | Updated: 08:42 GMT, 26 March 2022

A immense 'iconic' crocodile that chased terrified children up a histrion astatine a distant Queensland assemblage swimming country has been changeable dead.

The February incident, which generated planetary headlines for locals surviving astatine Cape York successful acold North Queensland, saw calls for the feared reptile to beryllium removed permanently.

They got their privation this week, with Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers sidesplitting the saltwater crocodile pursuing a telephone from Robbie Sands, the mayor of Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire.

Some locals were unimpressed astatine the development, but Australian person Bob Katter, the Federal Member for Kennedy, felt it was a...

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