Medical Pot May Help You Avoid Opioids for Back Pain, Arthritis

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TUESDAY, March 22, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Medical marijuana could beryllium a viable alternate to opioid painkillers for radical dealing with arthritis oregon chronic back pain, 2 caller studies show.

Many patients prescribed opioids for their chronic pain coiled up taking less painkillers -- oregon stopping them altogether -- aft doctors certified them for aesculapian cannabis, said pb researcher Dr. Asif Ilyas, an orthopedic surgeon astatine Rothman Orthopaedic Institute successful Philadelphia.

"We recovered broadly a important simplification successful opioid use erstwhile they started utilizing aesculapian cannabis," Ilyas said. "We saw a alteration successful astir 40% of opioid usage aft starting aesculapian cannabis, with 37% to 38% of patients wholly discontinuing opioid usage altogether."

If validated, these results bespeak that aesculapian marijuana could beryllium a imaginable means of combating America's opioid epidemic, which has been driven successful portion by medicine painkillers, said Dr. Stuart Fischer, an orthopedic surgeon with Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine successful Summit, N.J.

"We person a immense fig of radical who are connected opioids who are being treated for chronic backmost pain," said Fischer, who wasn't portion of the studies. "If we could determination that colonisation to thing that's safer but conscionable arsenic effective, we would bash precise well."

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