Meet a Fierce Advocate for Women’s Health: Jen Gunter, MD

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March 25, 2022 -- Jen Gunter, MD, refuses to enactment soundless erstwhile she sees misleading claims astir women’s wellness products.

In fact, the world’s astir celebrated -- and outspoken -- OB/GYN (as described by The Guardian), is connected a societal media ngo to talk up whenever she sees companies oregon governments “prey connected women’s wellness and vaginal shame.”

With astir 400,000 followers, Gunter ne'er shies distant from a controversy.

Just this week, she railed against vitamin and supplement shaper Olly’s vaginal probiotic, taking the institution to task for its merchandise premise and objectionable advertisement copy.

WebMD caught up with the San Francisco-based doc and writer of 2 books, The Vagina Bible and The Menopause Manifesto. The pursuing interrogation has been lightly edited for magnitude and clarity.

WebMD: So these Olly capsules purport to beryllium “Probiotics for Your Panty Hamster.” What was your absorption to this?

Gunter: Seeing the connection “panty hamsters” is truthful egregious. I’m truthful utilized to baseline vaginal opportunism, but this was conscionable perfectly egregious and I had to telephone it out.

WebMD: What are vaginal probiotics anyway?

Gunter: These are 1 of these large wellness scams wherever companies effort to merchantability you connected someway hacking your microbiome by taking them. They’re not inexpensive, either, and tin scope successful terms from $30 to $150 per month, depending connected however bespoke they are. And yet the information isn’t good. There is small to nary grounds of the worth of these probiotics but to shareholde...

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