Men Offered Surgery More Often Than Women for Carpal Tunnel

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By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, March 24, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Men are much apt than women to beryllium offered country to easiness carpal passageway syndrome, but a tiny caller survey from 1 infirmary suggests that sex whitethorn person thing to bash with the disparity.

Instead, the quality whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that the information tends to beryllium much terrible successful men, the researchers said.

Carpal passageway syndrome occurs erstwhile the median nervus successful the wrist is compressed owed to trauma, arthritis oregon inflammation of wrist tendons, resulting successful numbness, weakness and tingling successful the manus and arm.

Patients with mild symptoms are typically fixed nonsurgical treatments specified arsenic bracing oregon steroid injections, portion those with terrible symptoms are often offered minimally invasive country called carpal passageway release, which relieves unit connected the median nervus by cutting the carpal ligament.

"However, for patients with mean symptoms, it's not arsenic evident whether a nonsurgical oregon surgical attack is best," said survey elder writer Dr. Duretti Fufa, a manus and precocious extremity surgeon astatine the Hospital for Special Surgery successful New York City.

The researchers reviewed the records of 949 patients treated for carpal passageway syndrome astatine the infirmary and grouped them according to illness severity.

Among the 141 women and 90 men with mean symptoms, women were 23% little apt than men to beryllium offered surgery, and Hispanic and Black women were 4 times little apt than men successful their radical groups to beryllium offered surgery.

While the trends were strong, they were not statistically important owed to the size of the study, the researchers noted.

The results were presented Tuesday astatine the American Academy of...

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