Metabolic Syndrome Ups Odds of ARDS, Death in COVID-19

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MONDAY, Jan. 3, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- For hospitalized COVID-19 patients, the beingness of metabolic syndrome is associated with accrued likelihood of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and mortality, according to a survey published online Dec. 22 successful JAMA Network Open.

Joshua L. Denson, M.D., from the Tulane University School of Medicine successful New Orleans, and colleagues conducted a multicenter cohort survey to analyse whether metabolic syndrome is associated with an accrued hazard for ARDS and decease from COVID-19. Outcomes were compared for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 with metabolic syndrome (three oregon much of the following: obesity, prediabetes oregon diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia; 5,069 adults) and controls without metabolic syndrome (23,971 adults).

The researchers recovered that metabolic syndrome was associated with an accrued hazard for intensive attraction portion (ICU) admission, invasive mechanical ventilation, ARDS, and mortality (adjusted likelihood ratios, 1.32, 1.45, 1.36, and 1.19, respectively) and with prolonged infirmary and ICU magnitude of enactment (median, 8.0 versus 6.8 days and 7.0 versus 6.4 days, respectively). The hazard for ARDS accrued successful an additive mode with each further metabolic syndrome criterion (one criterion: 10.4 percent; 2 criteria: 15.3 percent; 3 criteria: 19.3 percent; 4 criteria: 24.3 percent).

"Given the precocious rates of metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes successful the United States, 1 proposal for wherefore the United States led the satellite successful COVID-19 cases and death...

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