Methane-Eating Bacteria Convert Potent Greenhouse Gas Into Usable Fuel

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Methane-Eating Bacteria

Cryo-EM illuminated never-before-seen structures successful the membrane of the protein. Credit: Northwestern University

State-of-the-art method reveals never-before-seen atomic structures controlling the process.

Methanotrophic bacteria devour 30 cardinal metric tons of methane per twelvemonth and person captivated researchers for their earthy quality to person the potent greenhouse state into usable fuel. Yet we cognize precise small astir however the analyzable absorption occurs, limiting our quality to usage the treble payment to our advantage.

By studying the enzyme the bacteria usage to catalyze the reaction, a squad astatine Northwestern University present has discovered cardinal structures that whitethorn thrust the process.

Their findings, to beryllium published Friday (M...

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