Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new update makes Spain and Portugal more beautiful

6 months ago 18

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest update adds immoderate enhancements to an already beauteous region. The game’s caller Iberia update adds graphical upgrades to each areas successful the portion and is present available.

The patch, which is the game’s eighth major satellite update, makes important graphical improvements to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar regions. These updates see galore celebrated landmarks from the area, including the Basilica of Sagrada Familia, the Aqueducts of Segovia, and the City of Arts and Sciences successful Valencia.

Along with the landmarks and beautifully upgraded visuals, this update besides adds 99 caller points of involvement to Microsoft Flight Simulator, on with 4 bush trips, 4 caller find flights, 5 caller landing challenges, and 4 caller airports.

This update was primitively planned for merchandise past week, but was delayed owed to the tragic clang of a Chinese level connected March 21. Shortly aft the news, the game’s Twitter account updated players, letting them cognize that successful airy of the calamity the spot would beryllium postponed a fewer days.

World Update 8 is unrecorded successful Microsoft Flight Simulator present and is escaped for players connected each platforms.

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