Mini Takes Its Electric 5th-Gen Cooper to Sweden for Winter Testing - Roadshow

6 months ago 30

The next-generation Cooper hardtop volition beryllium electrical and astir apt a riot to drive.


We truly similar our small electrical semipermanent Mini Cooper SE. It's a blast to rip astir town, looks fantastic and, contempt a fewer important shortcomings, we mostly urge it arsenic a bully EV metropolis car. According to an announcement made connected Wednesday by Mini, it's hard astatine enactment connected the adjacent version, and we're already excited.

Mini is already engaging successful utmost wintertime investigating connected a frozen water successful Sweden with its afloat electrical next-generation three-door Cooper, and we're ace jealous due to the fact that we tin lone ideate however amusive that car is connected a low-grip aboveground similar ice.

"Mini is connected a way of maturation and heading towards a afloat electrical future. Our iconic Mini three-door maximizes the acquisition for our customers done its electrified go-kart feeling combined with digitalized interaction points -- and a wide absorption connected sustainability with a minimal biology footprint," says Stefanie Wurst, caput of the Mini brand, successful a statement.

According to Mini's announcement, the caller three-door Cooper volition besides articulation a afloat reworked

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