More Questions Than Answers When Managing HIV and Menopause

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Note: successful this article, “women” refers to cisgender women -- those who place arsenic women and were assigned pistillate enactment astatine birth. Menopause besides affects transgender men and non-binary people, but published probe connected the menopause acquisition has included lone cisgender women participants.

March 18, 2022 -- Gina Brown was boarding an early-morning formation successful 2016 erstwhile she abruptly started to overheat.

“As soon arsenic I stepped connected the plane, I instantly was drenched successful sweat,” she says.

Not knowing what to do, she stood inactive until a chap pistillate rider noticed her alarm and asked a formation attendant to drawback her a cupful of ice.

“Is this the archetypal clip this has happened to you?” the pistillate asked, and Brown nodded.

“It’s called a blistery flash,” the pistillate continued, “and you’re going to beryllium OK.”

As soon arsenic Brown returned from her trip, she visited her doc for bloodwork and learned that that her hormone levels were decreasing.

“I knew thing was going on, but [my supplier and I] didn’t person a speech astir menopause,” she says. Brown, 56, has been living with HIV for astir 28 years and is portion of a increasing radical of women with HIV present entering menopause.

In 1996, a idiosyncratic diagnosed with HIV astatine 20 could expect to unrecorded lone to 39. Because of antiretroviral therapy (ART), an

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