More tragedy at maternity units mired in scandal

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More calamity astatine maternity units mired successful scandal: Lawyers are inactive being contacted implicit cases of imaginable malpractice - up of adjacent week's bombshell study into the crisis

By Andy Dolan and Liz Hull for the Daily Mail

Published: 01:59 GMT, 26 March 2022 | Updated: 01:59 GMT, 26 March 2022

Cases of imaginable malpractice astatine scandal-hit NHS maternity units proceed to emerge, lawyers person warned connected the eve of a bombshell study into the crisis.

More than 1,800 families suffered trauma done the decease oregon superior wounded of their babe – oregon successful immoderate cases the parent – astatine Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust successful the 2 decades up to 2019 successful Britain’s worst maternity scandal.

A damning interim study by autarkic midwife Donna Ockenden successful December 2020 highlighted a litany of taste and objective failures astatine the Shropshire spot successful which mothers were routinely blamed for babe deaths.

Katie Wilkins’s unborn babe miss died aft engaged midwives near the mum-to-be successful a broadside country for 48 hours and failed to decently show her

But contempt the attentions of NHS regulators connected the trust, lawyers are inactive being contacted implicit alleged cases of labour ward malpractice.

Clinical negligence lawyer Beth Heath said her steadfast is dealing with six imaginable cases dating from 2020 and different 2 from past twelvemonth involving alleged mediocre maternity attraction astatine the t...

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