Murdered Bethnal Green mother's body found after she failed to pick children up from school

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A execution probe has been launched aft a mother-of-two who failed to prime up her children from schoolhouse was stabbed to death. 

The unfortunate was recovered astatine her location successful Bethnal Green, eastbound London astatine 4.05pm yesterday. 

The alert was raised aft the 40-year-old pistillate had failed to prime up her 2 sons from schoolhouse connected Thursday afternoon. 

A parent of 2 was recovered dormant astatine her location successful Bethnal Green, eastbound London connected Thursday day aft she failed to prime up her 2 sons from school

Scotland Yard has launched a execution probe aft the 40-year-old unfortunate suffered stab wounds astatine her home

The pistillate had failed to cod her children from the adjacent Bangabandhu Primary School, pictured, connected Thursday afternoon

Teachers rise the alarm aft the pistillate fails to cod her children from Bangabandhu Primary School successful Bethnal Green successful eastbound London connected Thursday afternoon

Police discovered her assemblage wrong the spot successful Bethnal Green. She is understood to person suffered stab wounds though a station mortem to find the origin of decease volition instrumentality spot tomorrow. 

The pistillate had dropped her children to the Bangabandhu Primary School connected Thursday greeting and was owed to prime them up that afternoon. 

Teachers became acrophobic erstwhile the pistillate failed to cod her children and called the constabulary who went to the woman's location connected Globe Road. 

Police discovered the woman's assemblage wrong the spot and secured the transgression scene. 

Neighbours said 1 of the boys was successful reception people portion the elder lad was successful Year 5. 

A neighbour, 67, said: 'I cognize she was expected to prime up her children, 2 young boys, from the section schoolhouse but did not travel truthful they raised the alarm.

'The 2 teachers...

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