Museum of the Future opens in Dubai - with one exhibit that transports you to space

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Even amid Dubai's eye-catching constellation of architectural wonders, the Museum of the Future – which aptly looks similar it has been beamed successful from the aboriginal - is surely destined to beryllium a prima attraction.

The 77-metre-high (252ft) seven-storey metallic depository – which is shaped similar a elephantine metallic ovum with a spread successful the centre – opened today, with displays and attractions positioned astir the full windowless gathering and a striking achromatic spiral staircase rising up done the floors.

One grounds reveals what beingness could beryllium similar wrong a immense abstraction presumption successful 2071, portion different is simply a integer recreation of a 'luscious' tropical rainforest.

The Museum of the Future, pictured above, is officially opening its doors successful Dubai

The seven-storey museum, which is shaped similar a elephantine metallic ovum with a spread successful the centre, is located successful the city’s fiscal district

Visitors tin research the museum's workshops, a playspace and ‘experiential displays’

Spread crossed 5 levels are 'experiential displays', with 1 – the cosmos-themed 'OSS Hope' connected the uppermost level – allowing visitors to 'play retired their ain story' successful space.

The rainforest conception connected the adjacent level down, called 'Vault of Life', is simply a recreation of a existent portion of the Amazon rainforest successful Leticia, Colombia. It depicts the rainforest's ecosystem 'with unparalleled realism'.

Next up is the 'Al Waha' show – which is billed arsenic an accidental for visitors to 'explore themselves successful a satellite that stimulates their senses'. Here, museum-goers tin 'embark connected a backstage travel successful an situation centred connected wellness and well-being, detached from technology, allowing them to meditate, reconnect with themselves and reconstruct their earthy balance'.

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