NASA Just Opened a 50-Year-Old Time Capsule From the Moon for the First Time - CNET

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NASA astronaut Harrison Schmitt collects lunar samples during the Apollo 17 ngo successful 1972.


In December 1972, NASA astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt drilled into the aboveground of the satellite to cod lunar ungraded samples for transport backmost to Earth. This week, NASA yet opened 1 of the vacuum-sealed samples for the archetypal time. 

"We person had an accidental to unfastened up this incredibly precious illustration that's been saved for 50 years nether vacuum," said Thomas Zurbuchen, subordinate head of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, successful a statement. "We yet get to spot what treasures are held within."

The conduit is simply a clip capsule, not lone from the heavy geological past of the moon, but besides from an earlier clip successful the abstraction property erstwhile our tools were much primitive. 

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