NASA Spots Gigantic Debris Cloud Created by Clashing Celestial Bodies

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Two Asteroids Colliding

Major smashups betwixt rocky bodies shaped our star system. Observations of a akin clang springiness clues astir however predominant these events are astir different stars.

Most of the rocky planets and satellites successful our star system, including Earth and the Moon, were formed oregon shaped by monolithic collisions aboriginal successful the star system’s history. By smashing together, rocky bodies tin accumulate much material, expanding successful size, oregon they tin interruption isolated into aggregate smaller bodies.

Astronomers utilizing NASA’s now-retired Spitzer Space Telescope person successful the past found evidence of these types of collisions astir young stars wherever rocky planets are forming. But those observations didn’t supply galore details astir the smashups, specified arsenic the size of the objects involved.

In a caller survey successful The Astrophysical Journal, a radical of astronomers led by Kate Su of the University of Arizona study the archetypal observations of a debris unreality from 1 of these collisions arsenic it passed successful beforehand of its prima and concisely blocked the light. Astronomers telephone this a Read Entire Article