National Trauma cleaner Jerry Cook shares gory details of cleaning murder and suicide scenes

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Meet the 'trauma' cleaners with the gory occupation of mopping up bodily fluids and transforming putrid rooms aft radical surviving unsocial are recovered decomposing

  • Crime country cleaner shared gory details of cleaning worst homes successful Australia
  • Jerry Cook cleaned location aft tenant's assemblage had decomposed for 19 months
  • Veteran cleaner has visited execution and termination scenes and hoarder's hovels 

By Aidan Wondracz For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 05:52 GMT, 26 March 2022 | Updated: 08:45 GMT, 26 March 2022

A crime country cleaner has shared the gory details of his occupation specified arsenic cleaning a location aft the tenant's assemblage had been decomposing successful it for 19 months.  

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning managing manager Jerry Cook said helium received the callout to cleanable the location successful Sydney.

The petition was nary little bizarre than his erstwhile jobs that person required him to cleanable up execution scenes and suicides, wide retired hoarder's homes and mop up faeces.

'I've cleaned houses wherever radical person had busted varicose veins and humor spurts out, radical who person been sick, radical who person brainsick parties,' Mr Cook said. 

The 52-year-old told Daily Mail Australia helium has been moving successful the assemblage for 32 years and proudly admitted helium has ne'er vomited - but helium has travel precise adjacent to it.

'I did...

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