Netflix Acquires Second Video Game Studio This Month - CNET

6 months ago 16
netflix-streaming-service-app-feb-2022-010 Sarah Tew/CNET

Netflix connected Thursday announced it's acquired a video crippled workplace known for making mobile games successful bid to grow its efforts to see gaming successful its video streaming service.

Boss Fight Entertainment, which was formed successful 2013 by erstwhile Zynga employees, has made respective games for smartphones and tablets, including Dungeon Boss disposable for iOS and Android devices. The acquisition volition let Boss Fight to support making ad-free games without monetization that volition beryllium disposable to Netflix subscribers, the studio's founders said successful a press release.

It wasn't wide erstwhile Boss Fight's archetypal crippled nether Netflix volition beryllium released oregon whether it could beryllium bought without a subscription to the streaming service. Netflix didn't instantly respond to a petition for much information.

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