Netflix cancels Archive 81 after one season

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Beneath each its brooding fearfulness and its recovered footage, Archive 81 is axenic Netflix thriller nonsense. Following archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), called successful to reconstruct a postulation of videotapes warped by a occurrence astatine the enigmatic Visser flat gathering successful 1994, the enigma is perpetually mounting from each angle.

But that wasn’t capable for Netflix, who announced connected Thursday they had cancelled the show aft conscionable 1 season. Although Netflix seldom reports immoderate benignant of viewership numbers for its shows, Archive 81 peaked astatine the fig 2 spot successful the streaming site’s apical 10 lists, and stayed determination for 3 weeks (and adjacent reached fig 1 successful different countries’ apical 10).

Ultimately Archive 81 answered a batch of its cardinal enigma by the play finale (something not each enigma container shows are willing to do). But the bid did not simply tube towards a tidy ending. Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine said she intentionally near immoderate foodstuff successful the vessel for a play 2. Here’s what Sonnenshine planned to bash astir 2 of the biggest mysteries the amusement near disconnected on:

[Ed. note: This station contains spoilers for the extremity of play 1 of Archive 81.]

What happened astatine the Visser

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