Netflix fights password-sharing with test of $3 “Extra Member” fee

6 months ago 31

Netflix volition soon complaint an other interest for sharing accounts with radical successful different households. This is the company's latest effort to trim the password-sharing that has been communal among Netflix users for years. The interest volition rotation retired successful Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru "over the adjacent fewer weeks" and perchance spell worldwide astatine a aboriginal date.

"Members connected our Standard and Premium plans volition beryllium capable to adhd sub accounts for up to 2 radical they don't unrecorded with—each with their ain profile, personalized recommendations, login and password—at a little price: 2,380 CLP successful Chile, 2.99 USD successful Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN successful Peru," Netflix said successful an announcement yesterday. Based connected existent conversion rates, 2,380 CLP is astir $2.98 USD and 7.9 PEN is astir $2.12 USD.

The caller interest volition beryllium paired with the quality for users to transportation illustration accusation (including their viewing past and watchlist) to a caller relationship oregon an Extra Member account. After rolling retired the interest and illustration transfers successful Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, Netflix volition "be moving to recognize the inferior of the...

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